HADC Announces Addition to Dodge Industrial Park

Industrial Park MapThe Hartford Area Development Corp is adding 55 acres of buildable land to the Dodge Industrial Park. The land is on the northern edge of the current park and is bordered by Hwy. N and the Wisconsin Southern Rail line that runs through the park. The new acreage has been laid out in 5-6 acre parcels and will have roads running through it with entrances from Hwy N, Innovation Way and Western Drive. Sewer, water, electrical and gas lines will be extended out from the city of Hartford. Lots will sell for $24,000 per acre.

The HADC has entered into an agreement with Dickman Real Estate to represent the organization in the sale of individual parcels. Additionally, Keller Builders will be able to help prospective buyers with building, architectural design and engineering needs. Buyers are not required to work with Keller, but we are identifying them as a resource if you don’t already have a builder in mind. Please email Tom Hostad or call 262-673-7009 with any questions or interest you may have.

View an enlarged map (JPG).